ATTENTION... Fitness Business Owners
Give Yourself a $3,000 Raise in 60-Days 
Most gym owners leave $5,000 (or more) per month on the table without realizing it. This is because 78% of your clients are buying dietary supplements from national retailers. The S3 Supplement Success System allows you to simply redirect client spending to your supplement profit center, significantly increasing cash flow and client results.

S3 is a Supplement Success System developed to meet the nutritional supplement needs of today's fitness entrepreneurs. We provide your team with all three components; nutritional supplement education, team success coaching, and systems integration to drive much needed operating cash and client results. 

In today’s competitive nutritional market, fitness businesses require more than just good product margins to drive revenue from supplements… they need an educated staff who can speak to the benefits of those supplements and a system to ensure clients redirect their spending from large chain retailers. 

Developed specifically for the fitness industry, S3 supports all levels of implementation to help you gain trajectory in nutritional supplement profits and better serve your clients for long-term optimal health. 
4,800% Increase 
"I did a comparison in supplement revenue with my old supplements versus using the S3 system. I made 4x more money with the S3 System in 8 months than I did in the 8 years prior to hiring S3."

- Maurice Williams, Owner of Move Well Fitness
Have you ever noticed how most businesses earn a few $100 dollars a month selling supplements while others earn many $1,000's of dollars?

We all have this core desire to better serve our customers, add more value to our programs, and of course… earn more money in the process. 

The logical first step is to add in supplements, after all... 
78% of adults report purchasing nutritional supplements on a monthly basis. 
Think about it...
8 out of 10 of your customers are already buying supplements somewhere! 
According to the CRN consumer spending habits, the average adult spends over $185 each and every month on dietary supplements and that number rises for those who are healthier and more active. The average net profit ranges from 40 - 53%, that equates to $74/month/person, net profit to you... at minimum.

Just imagine how much money you're missing out on! It only makes sense that your customers redirect their spending from the big box retailer to purchasing through you. After all, you have a relationship with them. They already know, like, and trust you! That’s easy low hanging fruit, right?

According to the CDC, only 20% of adults report exercising in a structured environment. Fact is… people are buying supplements long before they consider breaking a sweat. It's the unfortunate, but sad truth!

How many times have your customers asked what supplements they should be taking? If you’re being honest the answer is probably a lot!
So… if it’s easy low hanging fruit...
... Why is it that clubs only profit an average of $62.50 a month from supplements?
... Why is it that you have a core customer base who will under cut you to save a couple of bucks on their protein or multivitamins at a retail outlet?

Seriously, how many times have you had a flash sale because products were about to expire? 

Admit it… this isn’t the first time you’ve tried to figure out a proven method for making money in supplements!
If You're NOT Generating 30% Of Your Income From Supplements, Keep Reading... 
So why do so many clubs either choose not to tap into their dedicated target audience, despite the fact that, customers are already buying nutritional supplements from someone else or... they simply can’t capitalize and build a successful supplement profit center? 

It’s plain and simple actually, and any good business coach will bring it to your attention… the answer is limiting beliefs, fear, and in many cases… frustrations over past failures!

… "I don't want another job… I don’t have time to find my way with supplements like all the other areas of my business... I don't have the resources to figure it out on my own.”

… "I’ve heard of too many other businesses getting burned. I’m afraid there won't be a strong enough return on both my TIME and MONEY investment… I can’t have my money all tied up in inventory… We are just plain stocking the shelf with product and not getting a return on it."

… "I don’t know enough about supplements… How do I justify my decision to sell supplements to my customers and employees… Supplements are misaligned with my core values... I'm failing because I don't know what I'm doing and I don't have a system or support."

But deep down business owners know this mindset dramatically limits their customers' success AND it’s costing them tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  

And you can’t ignore the fact that, most clubs tend to have a high overhead to cover! 
So it only makes sense to have multiple profit centers in your business. 
That Is Why We Created S3, a 
Supplement Success System...
Book a Nutrition Profit Audit to see just how much cash flow your business could be missing out on.
Owners of S3, Chris and Jessica Page
Dear Club Owner, 

We are no strangers to the fitness industry. We were trainers for over a decade before opening our own club. And even though we built a 7-figure business, ten years ago we were right where you are now. We weren’t making squat off supplements yet nearly all our customers were buying something, somewhere. We ran the numbers and realized we were missing out on nearly $150,000 a year because they were buying from someone other than us! Trust me, we were trying to figure it out too. 
We got ripped off by one wholesaler after another, promising healthy margins on supplements. We got ripped off by every Affiliate Program we partnered with. We even did white label and custom branded our own supplements only to realize our products and pricing still had no margin. Plus, our customers still compared our supplements to the big box brands. In the end, they won out over ours. We went round and round trying to figure this thing out. 

Why wasn’t it working for us? How could it be that we had an awesome culture in our facility, our customers loved us, and they would do nearly everything we told them to do, yet they wouldn’t buy our supplements? We lost thousands of dollars in those first few years trying to make that “Profit Center” profitable. 

It was a horrible process but finally, we figured it out. It was never our plan to share it with other owners, but we saw how everyone was struggling with the same thing and we knew we had an obligation to step in and help.

We remember saying, "Enough is enough… we needed to figure it out today!” We spent the next three years dialing in the ultimate supplement success system. In the beginning, we built custom email campaigns to educate our customers. Then we were giving away our supplements as part of the Enrollment Fee we charged new members. We even built supplements into our monthly check-ins. We were doing all these things and nothing was really working. Then all of a sudden… BOOM… success! We started crushing supplement sales! 

That’s when we realized it wasn’t our fault, and it isn’t your fault either. It’s all the B.S. marketing from supplement companies promoting the next big fad. It’s all the Affiliate and White label programs lying to us and telling us how much we’ll save, and how we’ll compete with the big boys. That just helps them… not us… not you! We were just making them money! It ticks us off just thinking back on it all. 

The supplement wholesalers have the system rigged in their favor, so of course, we couldn’t make any real money. They give us all a bunch of external beliefs that we need them to prosper. There is so much noise coming from the big guys in the form of magazines, Facebook ads, Google, and the like. 

Once we realized these guys were not with us but they were really the enemy, that’s when our system started generating 34% of our total revenue! Think about that… we didn’t need to gain one new member! We figured out how to tap into our current customer base and add 34% to our bank account. Imagine if you added 34% right now! 
If You Keep Doing What You're Doing, 
You'll Keep Getting What You're Getting...
Look… this was no easy task. In fact, we dare say building out the S3 System was just as difficult as building our fitness business. 

We spent countless months brain dumping everything we knew and everything we had implemented in our own business. And, we spent a ton of money hiring programmers and developers to build out the S3 Business Academy, along with the lessons and coursework. 

But guess what… all the pain we went through to build out the S3 platform is your GAIN. You get to ride the fast track with ease and speed because of it, just like hundred’s of other S3 fitness business owners. And it was totally worth it to us because now you won’t go through the pain we went through for all those years.

And for you, it’s so much faster, because you get to get started immediately for what took us a decade of trial and error to get right! Not to mention the two extra years it took us to build out the S3 system as a perfect template for everyone else to simply mirror.
1,053% Increase 
"Let's be honest, the supplement industry has a bad rap. Millions of dollars are put into the industry, yet a week doesn’t go by where there isn’t more bad news about contaminated supplements being pulled off the shelf. 

I personally was jaded by the industry, not only due to all the negative media, but my health was directly affected by the use of over the counter supplements. I would never have thought that my diagnosis of mercury toxicity could have come from the “healthy” supplements I was consuming. After all, I was a health and fitness expert; I lived a life of clean eating, proper exercise and took care of my overall well-being. 

After years of poor health and countless hours of research, I realized that the supplements I was taking were not regulated and were having a negative impact on my health. At this point, I decided to ban supplements from my life. Easier said than done when you’re a Fitness Professional, working long hours trying to keep up proper nutritional habits and needing to make recommendations to your clients. 

I would dabble in and out of various supplements thinking I finally found a good one, but shortly after I realized that I never really felt great when I was taking supplements. Well, life changed when I decided to give S3 an hour of my time for a strategy call… S3 was my solution to finally improve my own health and passionately advise my clients on their supplement needs. 

Within the first two weeks, before I even completed the S3 Business Academy, my clients were jumping on board with me. I had 9 clients on a supplement plan and I earned an extra $1,500 in income right out of the gate. And within the first 3-months, my supplement sales increased 1,053%. The best part is, my clients, love the products behind the system so they continue to buy more and the S3 program is so simple to implement, it takes little time to start making more money!"

- Stacy Adams, Owner of Fitness Together, Washington
Jonathan Aluzas & Joseph Garcia, Owners of Arena Fitness Training Center

"We would dabble in supplementation and end up with a bunch of unused products on the shelves.
S3 has completely transformed the way we operate the supplement side of our business...
not only do we have good quality products to offer our clients, but the money we've made has
allowed us to renovate our business... we're sitting in a brand new gym all credit to S3..."
300% Increase 
"I had been looking for a way to add an additional revenue stream from supplements into our business. We needed two things - an easy, proven way to get products into our clients hands and superior products that we could stand behind. S3 supported us in both areas AND allowed us to increase our monthly supplement revenue by over 300%. 

Their system is plug and play and can be implemented Day 1, which was a must have for us. While we love additional revenue streams, sometimes it is hard to get them up and running because of all the other things you are already doing on a daily basis. Not true with S3. The system is very easy to implement and the support that you get is phenomenal."

- Pam Fox, Owner of CrossFit Cyclone
Here’s how it works. We'll take you through a simple worksheet to audit your current nutritional supplement profit center or your current metrics to determine if adding a nutritional profit center makes sense for your business. You'll have two easy choices during this call. 
  • We will explore the possibilities of growing or creating your own nutritional supplement profit center by implementing the S3 system, you will see the tremendous potential and opportunity for your business, and if you so choose, we can discuss what a partnership with S3 entails, and the action steps in working together to make growing your business as quickly as possible, or
  • ​You will not see the value of seamlessly integrating a lucrative supplement profit center into your business, and we will part ways (no hard feelings, of course)
It’s up to you. You'll see if S3 is right for your business. We want this to be easy for you if you truly want in and are ready to take action.
Here's What You Get With The S3 
Supplement Success System... 
S3 is a Turn-Key Supplement Success System for Fitness Businesses. 

We provide an education and coaching platform to help you substantially grow your revenue. 

It all begins with our online University & Business Academy Course Curriculum. You and your staff will learn the real science behind supplements, not science fiction, as well as the truth behind the industry; all the good, bad, and the seriously ugly. 

That’s right. Your entire staff gets full access to the S3 Business Academy, coursework and tools. And that goes for all new hires also! We coach you and your entire team every step of the way. We coach your team so you don’t have to… and… we get them all speaking the same language, integrated and ingrained in your Mission, Vision, and Core Values of your supplement success system.
We help bridge the gap between the Medical community and the fitness world. You’ll gain the in-depth knowledge on supplementation; everything from multivitamins and nutraceuticals to protein powders, bars, antioxidants, polyphenols, pre-probiotics and a whole lot more. 

Plus, you’ll have access to an online marketing and sales tools which harnesses the education of global medical leaders to safely recommend supplements to your clients, including sports nutrition, weight loss, and even supplementation for special populations like pregnancy, children, and the elderly.

Through our coaching platform, you’ll learn the valuable incites to creating a highly profitable retail space, the do’s and don’ts for properly on-boarding new members, best practices when running challenges, and how to tap into our done-for-you workshops for both lead generation and servicing corporate accounts.
Here’s a Snapshot of Coursework in The 23 Lessons of The Business Academy...
  • Why You Should Supplement 
  • ​The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Supplement Industry
  • ​How to Choose a Brand You Can Stake Your Reputation On
  • ​Regulations, Certifications, Lies and The FDA
  • ​Prescription Drugs Vs. Nutritional Supplements
  • ​Supplements for Sports Performance, WADA, and the IOC
  • ​How to Supplement for Weight Loss
  • ​How to Capitalize on The Big 3: Multivitamins, Proteins, and Bars
  • ​How to Build Massive Revenue in Retail Sales
  • ​How to Get Your Customers to Buy Only From You
  • ​How to Build the Perfect Sales System
  • ​How to Compensate Staff to Drive Greater Profits
  • ​How to Go From Zero to $100K and Beyond
 Imagine boosting your bottom line by thousands of dollars a month.... how this will affect your daily operations, your budget, your own personal bank account?
Mike Confer, Owner of MROC

"I opened my facility because I love helping people reach their goals and I know
a lot about fitness BUT we struggled with the supplementation piece before S3..."
"Prior to S3, I had no real system for retailing supplements. I was using piecemeal products that worked okay, but there were no systems around it and I ended up having tons of inventory that I had to either eat/use myself, throw out or give away. I was throwing out money each and every month without ever realizing it. It seemed like every quarter I was bringing in something new for clients, looking for the silver bullet, but not realizing it was in the structured application of how I presented a solution to clients. Since implementing S3, I now have a structured supplement and retail system that puts cash in my pocket month after month and I have full support and buy-in from my staff. 

With a full onboarding process for the entire team, it was extremely easy to implement. The S3 sales process ensures clients get on board from day 1 and helps support their goals… clients love their results. Not only that, I am able to help clients with their nutrition and supplementation needs even when they move away… which also means, money in my pocket long after the client lifespan . 

Without S3 I would still be spinning my wheels having no real system in place. S3 has opened my eyes as to how I can best serve my clients in terms of supplementation. I have found the S3 system invaluable and have used its metrics in other aspects of my business. My overall profitability has gone up and the client experience has been upgraded. If you are looking for a turn-key system to deliver consistent and predictable recurring passive revenue each and every month then the S3 system is for you. You get done-for-you marketing campaigns, monthly challenges, follow up automation, private coaching calls for you and your staff and an amazing support group to answer all of your questions. I would highly recommend S3 as a great revenue stream for your business and one you can take anywhere and live your dream lifestyle. "

Jake Thompson, Owner of AXIS Training Studio
(not all featured in this picture)
We even implemented an online Health Assessment tool in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, the American Heart Association, and the World Health Organization. It asks a series of questions based on diet and lifestyle, generates a score, details for the client the top 3 priorities which are holding their score back. It then educates the client on best practices and action steps for improvement through diet and then provides personalized supplement recommendations to fill in the gaps.

We implemented this online tool into the S3 System so you can be the “Go To Expert” in your community!
  If all this did was to help your customers optimize their health, wouldn’t it all be worth it? 
Sharleen Froats, Owner of Evolution Athletics 

"What I found with S3 was a company that truly understood my fitness business and speaks 
the language I need to understand to implement and get great results..." 
The companion piece to the Business Academy is the coaching… we will be coaching you, step-by-step. You’ll have a series of private and group calls, with actionable steps you'll walk away with and implement.  

True coaching is a partnership where we act as a sounding board to provide you feedback and support to help you substantially grow your revenue. 

Just as important, a good coach will also help you see the things you're missing in your business and provide guidance so you can plot a corrective course. 

We will inspire, motivate, and lead, as well as be nice cheerleaders but we’re also here to help you expand your business and personally develop… which also means we’re going to give you a good dose of tough love to hold you accountable, and call you out when need be. 
"With three locations, a large staff and hundreds of clients, it’s imperative I have all areas of my business dialed in. The S3 system is on point as a turn-key supplement profit center. Their staff education, coaching and support is exceptional. They have all three of my teams trained, educated, empowered, and speaking the same language to my clients."

Mike Bates, Owner of Refine Fitness Studio
You will get unlimited access to the private S3 community filled with supportive and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Also 24/7 access to Chris & Jessica for coaching through the group.

That’s your place to jump in, ask questions, celebrate your wins… it’s a no judgment zone. 
You will get live training videos from Chris & Jessica to guide you through weekly topics.
There you have it. 

You have to make one of the two easy choices...

You can schedule a free call right now...

Or you can pass, and nothing changes.

Ready to grow your weekly cash flow?
You’ll no longer struggle to consistently deliver new content. We provide hundreds of pieces of done-for-you, lead generating copy to use on social media, emails, blogs, newsletters, and campaigns, etc. 

No more wasted time spent looking for content. More importantly, you’ll have truly compelling content AND you’ll be able to automate that content within your business. 
  Imagine if you weren't spending countless hours
searching for and writing content from scratch. 
If all this did was save you time to focus on other areas of your business, wouldn’t it all be worth it? 
We've created a proven, plug-and-play, 28-Day Challenge that will not only save you a ton of time, energy, and money, but will get your customers insane results.

Running challenges will generate new prospects that don’t know who you are and what you do. 

You get to build new relationships where people get to know, like and trust you. Those new prospects are worth easily $2,500 a month. 

AND… we teach you how to transition challengers to long-term customers, purchasing product month after month. 
(not all featured in this picture)
In addition to all the above, we’ll also provide you with our workshops, a dozen of them in all. Completely done-for-you… power points, the scripting… everything! 

How much time and money will you save by not having to create all these by scratch?

Hosting workshops will add value for your customers, acts as a community outreach to increase brand awareness and significantly boosts products sales.  
  Imagine increasing your revenue by 20%, 25%, or like us… 34% every month! Just imagine what life will be like when you begin a coaching program with S3!
F r e q u e n t l y  A s k e d  Q u e s t i o n s 
Q: "My Staff Is Not Knowledgeable About Supplements, So How Will This Work For Me?
A: That's exactly the point. The S3 Business Academy is a multilayered system beginning with supplement education. Your staff will come away with a very in-depth knowledge on multivitamins, proteins, supplementing for weight loss and sports performance, as well as how to properly recommend to special populations and those with chronic disease. 

Q: "Where Does The Information Come From That S3 Will Be Teaching My Staff?"
A: The only valid nutritional standards in the United States are set by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Sciences, which represents the top 1-2% of scientists in the country. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Sciences selects only the best of the best of world-renowned experts (no, we are not a member, but thanks for thinking of us). So, as you can see, your staff will be learning content that comes from scientific fact... not, not Muscle & Fitness, or Joe Blogger. It doesn't come from someone's biased opinion, slanted view, or pushed agenda. This will be a higher level of learning that was not previously available to the fitness industry.

Q: "My Staff Is Smart But Will This Material Be Over Their Head?"
A: Don't worry. Although they'll be learning some really cool stuff, we're not giving them anything over their head. This is real science but surface level, practical, information. When they're all done with the S3 curriculum, they'll have the confidence to make recommendations and you'll be confident in positioning them as experts in nutritional supplementation.

Q: "I Have A Ton Of Staff. Is S3 Really Going To Train Everyone On My Team For Me?"
A: You bet we are! Everyone can go through the course curriculum, even any future new-hires. We'll have your entire team fully integrated and speaking the same language.

Q: "We Are A Busy Crew. How Long Will It Take To Go Through The S3 Curriculum?"
A: We provide you with a four week schedule for completing the coursework but you can go through quicker or slower. We then begin your coaching calls to marry the S3 system into all areas of your business.

Q: "I Don't Have A Huge Customer Base. Should I Grow Before I Bring This On?"
A: Stop the madness! Not having a huge customer base means you most likely have a strong bond with a core members that knows, likes, and trusts you. And... 78% of them are already buying supplements from someone else. They want to buy, so... why would you let that money walk out your doors? 
Q: "Is Coaching Included? "
A: Yes absolutely! We will coach and support you and your team through the curriculum, including the marketing and sales lessons. Additionally, we'll coach you through successful integration with challenges and workshops.

Q: "How Often Do We Get Coaching Sessions?"
A: We begin with weekly coaching calls, then progress to bi-weekly, and then to monthly calls. In addition, you and your team will have access to our weekly study hall sessions, as well as unlimited Q&A in our private Facebook group.

Q: "You Have My Interest But I'm Still Not Sure If Supplements Are The Right Fit For My Business?"
A: We understand. This is a lot of information to process. To be fair, we don't really expect you to make a decision based on all this information. That's why we recommend getting on a call with us and working through all your questions. In fact, we recommend you write them down and have them ready for us. Once you see our presentation, and some scientific facts, you will most certainly see how this will not only enhance your clients lives... but your bottom line.
$3,928 Average Monthly Income
"The fitness industry is constantly evolving… that’s what makes it exciting! But, what has never changed is that people need fitness and nutrition combined to get clients amazing results. Nutrition is a big part of our studio. We are firm believers that people just don’t get the nutrients they need from their regular diets, I mean the research is pretty clear about that, so supplementation has to be a part of our offerings.  

Before S3, we would often have thousands of dollars in products just sitting on a shelf. We had goals to be successful with supplements, but we had no system to make it happen. And, after many times of throwing out expired product, we came to the sad realization that the products don’t sell themselves. 

So, we reached out to trusted colleagues, who instantly put us in touch with S3. We’ve been with S3 for three years now and we honestly feel a little guilty with the money we earn every month from supplement sales. The reason is simple. The S3 team has done ALL of the work for us. Most importantly, our entire team now knows how to sell, while over delivering value to our clients. 

S3 delivers all of the tools, marketing pieces, webinars, and coaching calls to ensure the success of you and your staff. They NEVER stop working for you. If we had to do all of this on our own we would still be struggling, but with S3 there is no fumbling around and constantly hustling to get product off your shelves. In fact, we can’t keep it on our shelves.  

Now for the fun stuff, we earned $23,568.85 with supplements in our first 6 months, plus additional bonuses that allow us the time, money and freedom to take family vacations and just enjoy life a little more! S3 goes so far beyond anything we ever expected and we’re not only happy to recommend them, but we personally think you would be massively missing out if you didn’t. "

Graham and Alison Brown, Owners of New U Personal Training Studio
Jamie Wood, Owner of Armour Up Fitness 

"As a gym owner, you need to have a good handle on supplements. S3 broke 
me out of a really negative mindset and helped me transform my business..."
Increased Profit $3,000 In Month One 
"I'm sure many of you, like me, are still figuring out how to run a profitable business doing what you love... training! But being a fitness entrepreneur is a constant struggle. And just like our clients come to us for education, accountability, and structure... running a successful business should be no different. Having good systems, and a good coach, can make all the difference. 

I hired S3 to help coach us with one particular area where we were struggling... supplement sales... and the result has been nothing short of amazing. In just our first month working with these guys we've increased our profit by nearly $3k/mo. and growing, all while staying true to our mission, vision, core values, and delivering not only great results, but an amazing customer experience. I highly recommend their services and hope you'll consider learning more about what they can do for you & your clients."

Mike Confer, Owner of MROC
We'll show you how much cash flow your business could be missing out on! 
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